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How To Update Minecraft in Windows 10

Are you also facing the same issue and want to learn how to update Minecraft in Windows 10? If yes then you are at the right place because I saw many people facing this issue (including me LOL). That’s why I have been searching for the solution and today I came up with some working methods.

After you follow this guide I am 100% sure you will never ever face this same issue again as I am going to tell you every possible method that can cause this error. Make sure to stick with me till the end so you don’t miss any guide or any step.

Why do you need to update Minecraft?


If anyone is confused why to update Minecraft then here is the quick answer for them. So, basically an update from any application means the developer has changed some functions or added new features. Whenever a person update any app (or Windows fox example) He/She will be able to see new features in that app.

Just like that Minecraft developers keep updating their apps so it works smooth and bring the users with more advance features. Instead of this, some games may contain some bugs or glitches so the developer also fixes those glitches and bugs in the update. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to always keep your applications updated.

But somehow people encounter with an error or sometimes the game shows the update while we try to download it we found there is no option for it. That’s the reason why I have collected all the possible methods as everyone face a different type of issue.

How To Update Minecraft in Windows 10

Now as we have understood why updating an application is necessary now I am sure you will be ready to update it as soon as possible. So, don’t worry as now we are going to discuss this topic so as I already told you that there are various methods for updating.

That’s why make sure to follow the guide accordingly:

Update Minecraft in Windows 10 From Store

The very first method that I would like to tell you is updating it using the Microsoft App Store. Because it is the Official Store of Microsoft that provides us with the update of every application that we have downloaded from there.

Most of the times applications get updated automatically but due to some reason they won’t do this so for this, we have to download them manually. Below are the steps that will tell you how you can download an update manually from Microsoft Store.

  1. Go to the Start menu and then search for Microsoft Store, Open the first result you see and it will launch the Store.
  2. From Home Screen click on the 3 horizontal dot menu and then click on Downloads & Updates.
  3. After this click on Get Updates and wait for a while until Microsft Server fetches latest updates and send it to you.
  4. Within a few seconds it will show all the available updates so simply click on Update All (To update all other apps as well).
  5. Now you will notice Minecraft Update is also downloading and within a few seconds, it will be downloaded and installed.

Solve Minecraft Not Updating Issue

In case you see no update in Microsoft Store then there is a chance that your Windows is not getting any updates. So, for this, we have to fix this issue first and then we can follow the above steps.

Ok, so here are the steps to fix not Updating issue:

1. Click on Start Menu and then select Settings located above the power button.


2. Scroll down and then go to the Update & Security section.


From here click on Check For Updates and wait until it shows you any updates. If you see any pending updates then don’t forget to download and install it.


After downloading all the pending or featured updates we need to reset Microsoft Store as well.

Click on the top arrow to go back to the Settings and then scroll down and select Apps. Scroll down until you find Microsoft Store and click on it and then select Advanced Options.


Now from here simply click on the Reset button and a pop-up will appear for confirmation so again click Reset and it will delete all the data and factory reset the Store.


After this, you need to open Microsoft Store and then check if you have received the Update or not. If the update is there then you are done here, if not then keep reading this guide.

Reset Minecraft To Get Update in Windows 10

If resetting Microsoft Store doesn’t solve the problem then you should try to reset Minecraft. This is not as helpful but it works most of the times so it worth trying.

Click Start Menu and Go to Settings.


Choose Apps from the Settings.


Scroll down and click Minecraft and then open Advanced options.


Again scroll down and then click on Reset, if it asks for confirmation just again click on Reset button.


This will reset the Minecraft to factory Settings and delete all its data. Now go to Microsoft Store and then try to update this application.

Reinstall Minecraft To Get Latest Version

If above both methods are not working properly then it would be a good choice to reinstall this application. Because when we uninstall the current version and download another version from their website. They will automatically provide us with the latest version so this means no more update issue.

To reinstall Minecraft you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start Menu and search for Control Panel or click Windows Logo + R and type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter.
  2. Look for Minecraft in the list and right-click on it and select Uninstall either you can double click on it.
  3. It will ask for confirmation just press Uninstall to remove it.
  4. After uninstalling app we need to remove data so for this go to File Manager or press Windows Logo + E to access File Explorer.
  5. Now in the address bar type %AppData% and hit enter to open App Data folder.
  6. From here simply find the Minecraft folder and delete all files and folder inside it.
  7. After this go to the Minecraft Website and download the application from there.
  8. Now just install the application and you will notice that it is updated already and now enjoy using it’s latest features.


Minecraft is the most famous games around the world and it is played by millions of users throughout the globe. But the worst part that almost everyone has faced is not getting updated. This issue is mostly caused in Windows 10 so that’s the reason why I bring all these solutions for you.

I hope the fixes that I showed above will work for you and it will help you to download the latest version of this game. If this solves your problem and you found it helpful don’t forget to share it with friends and also comment down your precious feedback.

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