Windows Movie Maker Free Download [2020]

Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker is Microsoft’s own Video editor which was released in 2000 for Windows Me, Windows XP & Windows Vista as well.

This project was the part of Windows Essentials where you can edit and share your videos directly on Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, YouTube, or even on OneDrive.

There were millions of users of this application around the world who loves to edit their videos or make slideshows by using this application.

Sadly in the year of 2017, Microsoft Discontinued this project and removed it from it’s Windows. But after some time they also added this amazing application in the Photos app with the name of Microsoft Story Remix.

So, if you are also the lover of this excellent Microsoft Video Editor tool then keep reading this article. Because in this article I will guide you on how you can use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 easily.

Features of  Windows Movie Maker


If you just wanted to learn more about this fantastic Movie Maker then here is the list of its features which you need to check. By reading the features, you will understand the value of this tremendous software even more. So, let’s check it out:


Windows Movie Maker is a free tool that is developed by the Microsoft Company for its users. There are other alternatives to the Movie Maker available on the internet, but the problem with them is they ask for the money.

Yes, so if you don’t have that much budget, then this would be an excellent application for you.


Do you have a YouTube channel where you upload the slideshows? If so then here is the best software which you can use to create beautiful slideshows for your channel. You can take any size of the picture and add music to it, and your video will be ready in a few minutes.

Add Music

You record a video, but it contains noise and unwanted sound which you don’t like it. Then here is the solution with the help of Movie Maker you can add your favourite music to your recorded videos.

You can even use the stock music if you are doing vlogging or anything else or use the song if you are making a video only for yourself.


One of the best features which I use a lot is video stabilization. If your hands shake a lot while recording any video or shooting any scenery, then this stabilization feature will allow you to make your video stabilized. It removes that shake from your video and make it a perfect video shot ever.


To add more fun and make your videos or slideshows look cool and awesome you will get the transitions effect as well. There are many transitions effect can be used for free to create your videos or slideshows even fresh.


You just recorded a video, but somehow you don’t like any part of it then don’t worry here is the solution. With the help of Windows Movie Maker,

you can trim your videos and remove that annoying or unwanted part from it. You can cut as much length as you want and then add a transition effect to it, so you make your videos look professional.


So, you just captured the photo in a wrong degree which causes a problem while making a slideshow video? Don’t worry this application allows you to rotate your videos in 90 degrees and left or right.

By using this, you will then make your slideshow even more attractive.


You can import your files directly from your USB Flash drive if you have connected already without moving it to your Hard Disk. It also allows you to import videos or photos from your file manager to easily edit it.


When your project is done, you will then export it to your Media folder. If you want to upload it on Vimeo, then you will also find an option for it. The best thing is that it also allows you to export your edited videos directly in your CD or DVD.

Easy to Use

The program is straightforward to use, and you don’t need to have professional video editing skills to use this software.

All things are well-maintained and can be easily understood when you use it 3 to 4 times. This is easier then we compare it to other editors like Camtasia, After Effects, Filmora, etc.

Download Windows Movie Maker

Now as you just read the features of this fantastic free video editing tool now you must be wondering is there any way to get this excellent video editor back? If so then the answer will be Yes,

here in today’s guide our goal is to provide the download link to those who want Windows Movie Maker back. So, without wasting any further time, let’s check it out how you can download Windows Movie Maker by using our provided link.

Downloading from our website is not a big deal as we never use any pop-up or pop-under advertisements on our website. We neither create any duplicate download button so that’s why you can quickly get the download link.

Now, as if you are new, which still feels some problem during download. Then don’t worry as I have written a complete guide to download this app by using our provided links.

Ok, let’s move to the step by step guide:

  • First of all click on the download link which is given below and you will be redirected to the download page.
  • Here on this page, you will see the full detail of the application like its version and supported OS, etc.
  • Read that if you want if not then ignore it and then click on Download Now button located below.
  • Now, as you click on that button, you will see the IDM window which asks you to choose the location. So, I would recommend you to save the file to the desktop, so it will make it easy when you install it.

In case if you don’t have IDM and you are using Chrome, then the download will be started automatically. Also, if you are using Firefox, then a new window appears asking you if you want to save this file or not. So, click on save and file will start downloading in your system.

Download Windows Movie Maker

NotePlease take a reminder that you are installing this App on your Windows 7, XP, or Vista. Because these Operating Systems only support it. So, if you are trying to use Windows 10 then read the below guide where I will show you how to find hidden Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10.

Pre Installed Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10


As we downloaded the Movie Maker for Windows XP, 7, Vista. I am sure you will be waiting to get it for Windows 10 as well? If yes then your wait is over because here is the guide which you can use to find hidden Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10.

To access Windows Story Remix follow below steps:

  • Click on the Start Menu from Taskbar or Press the Windows Logo key from the keyboard.


  • After this, you need to search for Photos in the search box and open the first result you see.


  • Now you will see some recent photos there so just click on New Video and from here click on Video Projects.

Windows-so click-on-New-Video-Project

  • It will then open a new Windows so click on New Video Project.

New-Project in-windows-movie-maker

  • Here you will see the editor screen where you can import videos to edit or add effects or import photos to make a Slideshow video.
  • That’s it this is the easiest way to use Windows Story Remix or the Windows Movie Maker in your Windows 10.
Please keep in mind that Windows Story Remix is only available for those who purchased a license key. If you are using a free trial version than unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it after the trial expire. In case if you want to activate Windows 10 free of cost you will need to have an activator like KMSPico.

Windows Movie Maker History

If you don’t know much about this fantastic video editor then here is the history of this editor which will tell you how old and how useful is this app.

Initial Release

The first release of Windows Movie Maker was in 2000 which was developed for Windows Me. After this, they updated it to version 1.1 after one year which supports the latest Windows XP,

and they included the support of DV, AVI, WMV and eight other files as well. Now after this in the year of 2002 they updated it to version 2.0, and they added some other features as well.

After this a minor update which is version 2.1 they added the compatibility of Windows XP Service Pack 2. In 2005 update for the Movie Maker XP Edition they added more transitions and improved the layout and UI.

Windows Vista Release

This update was released for the support of Windows Vista, and it was version 6.0.6000 which was the same as the Vista. It was the massive update as Microsoft added and improved many things like they said more transitions and effects in it.

They added support for the playback of Xbox 360, and even they said the DVR-MS file support where Windows Media Centre records the live TV.

In the HD version and premium support, they included the support for capturing High-Definition Video (HDV) Cam Recorders.

Now in the Vista version, they removed a feature where you used to import files from Camera, VCR or WebCam because there were some features in the older version which people loved the most and since you cannot install it to the Windows Vista because of system Compatibility.

Microsoft also added an updated version of Windows Movie Maker 2.6 in the Microsoft Download Centre and this version included all the old transitions and effects as well and it was similar to version 2.1.

The worst thing about this update was that you could not capture the Windows screen with this version.

Windows Live

This was the newer version of Windows Movie Maker as they changed its name to Windows Live Movie Maker 2009. The beta version of this program was released on 17th September 2008 whereas the standalone version of Windows Essentials was released on the 19th of August 2009.

Windows Live was utterly new software, and it doesn’t read the projects created in older versions. Even though there are many features, transitions and other things were removed from the older version.

Windows Live Movie Maker was redesigned entirely as they change it’s layout to similar to the Office 2007 ribbon toolbar. A new feature was also added where you could directly export your videos to the DVD or on YouTube.

This version of Movie Maker supports Windows Vista as well as Windows 7. The only way to get the Live Movie Maker for Windows Vista is through the Windows essential Suite.

Windows Essentials

In the year of 2012, they discontinued this  Live Movie Maker and then started a new project with the name of Windows Essentials.

This Windows Movie Maker version was released in April 2012 where they re-added the feature of Voice-Over audio which was removed previously.

Even though Microsoft also added the Audio mixer integration and provided some free stock music that you can use on your Videos.

The export of the Windows Movie Maker file was by default H.24/MP4, and they added support for uploading on the Vimeo for the first time.


Windows Movie Maker was officially removed from Windows Essentials on  January 10, 2017. Just like other Windows Essentials application, Microsoft has also replaced this app and integrated with Photos App in Windows 10. They also change the name of this application as Windows Story Remix.

Alternatives For Movie Maker

Now as we know that Windows Movie Maker is the best tool for editing videos for free. But instead of this many other alternatives of Movie Maker is available on the internet which you need to give a try.


Every editor has its uniqueness and features so in case if you don’t find something you are looking in one editor. Then you can give a chance to any other alternative from the below list.

Here are the alternatives of Windows Movie Maker:

1. Lightworks


This is one of the best video editors available on the internet which is being used for 25 years.

Most of the users are using it and also some cinemas used this tool to edit movies as well.

The famous movies which were edited by using LightWorks are Wolf of the Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo and many more.

It gives you a total professional editing ground where you can make amazing videos just like movies.

You need some training before using it as this one requires high skills.

The best thing about Lightworks is that this tool is not only available for Windows but it can be used on macOS, Linux as well. Now the worst point is that the tool is not free, yes it comes with the trial and after this, you will need to pay to use it further.

2. VideoProc

VideoProc-best-app Like-windows-movie-maker

VideoProc is another best video editing software available for macOS and Windows OS users.

It has unlimited filters and many tools to make your videos stunning and look more attractive and professional.

This tool can crop the video just like the pictures, it can help you in removing the background noise or any unwanted voice.

You can add filters to your photo to give them a professional look.

Crop and merge are the best tools to remove any unnecessary moment during the video shoot.

You can rotate your video as well if you have recorded a video in the wrong degree don’t worry it can be solved.

Instead of this VideProc gives the GPU acceleration which gives you a real-time video editing experience. It also provides you with the audio converter and DVD converter as well.

In short, VideoProc is the all in one video editing software which everyone should use to make their videos look professional.

3. Kdenlive


KDE Non-Linear Video Editor or Kdenlive (in short) is the free open-source video editor that was released for the various Linux Distros.

These include Archlinux, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, KDE neon, OpenSuse, Solus, Ubuntu, LinuxMint & Elementary. 

It was then released for the macOS as well and now this amazing free tool is compiled for Windows users.

Kdenlive was first released in 2003 and has many features including adding 2D-intro in your videos.

Have many fonts that you can use to change for introduction or in the subtitle.

Tons of effects and transitions to make your video beautiful and cool looking. It allows you to make a low-quality video to make it easy when using a computer with low graphics or hardware properties.

Even though you will find many other things when you use it by yourself so if you want to give it a try then download now from the provided link.

Frequently Asked Questions

As everyone knows that the Windows Movie Maker is the best application of Microsoft which can be used for free. Even though some people are asking questions regarding this app.

If you are one of them you should then check this FAQ list where I have collected some most asked questions from the internet.

You will surely find your desired answer here but in case you unable to find a relevant answer. Then feel free to comment below with your question.

I will be very glad to help you and answer your question, if I find the question relevant I will also add it to the faq list.

Can we still download Windows Movie Maker?

Yes, you can still download the Movie Maker tool from our website. As the program is discontinued by Microsoft but their copy is still available to be used on Windows XP, 7, and Vista.

Can I use this app on Windows 10?

Yes, this application is also available for Windows 10 but since the official version is discontinued. Microsoft renamed it to Windows Story Remix and added it to the Photos App.

Which is the best Movie Maker alternative?

There are several video editing tools available on the internet which are as best as Movie Maker. Some of the are listed above which you should also give a try at least once.

Is Windows Movie Maker free for Windows 10?

Movie Maker is discontinued and is replaced with the Windows Story Remix. So, even though it is a free tool and can be used on your Windows 10 without paying money.

My video took so much time to render?

This is because of your Hardware, if you don’t have any Graphics card installed in your machine then you face this issue. You first need to purchase a graphics card which helps in GPU acceleration and fast video rendering.

Can I make a Reverse video with Movie Maker?

Sadly, there is no feature available for making a reverse video on Movie Maker. Perhaps, you can still have an option to go for an alternative version that may fulfil this requirement.

Will this Movie Maker lower the quality of my Video?

There is a just that it may lower the quality of your videos when you save it. So, please remember that before you click on save the project to make sure to save your project in 1080p to avoid lower quality.

Can I use the Windows Movie Maker Vista version on Windows 10?

Sadly, no you cannot use the vista version for Windows 10 because of the system compatibility and as I said Microsoft has discontinued the development of it after Windows 7.

Does Windows 10 have a built-in video editing tool just like Windows 7, Vista & XP?

Yes, just like the Windows XP, Vista or 7 the Windows 10 version also came with the built-in video editing tool. The name of this tool is Windows Story Remix and it can be accessed through the Photos App.

Can I download Windows Movie Maker without paying money?

Yes, Windows Movie Maker is a free tool that is developed by Microsoft for its Windows operating system users. Some websites are selling it so if you see any web-like this then be aware it is a scam and you can report about this to Microsoft.


Windows Movie Maker is the best free tool that can be used to edit videos, make slideshows, add transitions or other effects.

It is a well-known tool that was used previously but since many changes occurred in Windows Microsoft discontinued this amazing tool and removed it after Windows 10. As it was already famous and used by many people so they request Bill Gates to add it again.

Now after some new updates coming in Windows 10, a major update was released some time ago in which they add this feature with a new name.

As for now this tool is known with the name of Windows Story Remix and can be easily accessed through the Photos App. It has all the features which can be found in the older version but has a new improved and advanced User Interface.

Instead of this, the application is a gift for editing lovers and for YouTuber’s as well. The remove shake feature allows you the shake of video during recording to make it more professional.

Transition effects can be used to make an intro or the outro of your video awesome and also can be used in making slideshows. A new feature is added where you can add voice over or add free stock music provided by Microsoft.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker 2019 is a free tool developed by Microsoft to edit videos, make slideshows and add transition effect. This amazing tool is now available for Windows 10 as well so you can get all the features in the updated Windows.

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Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Editor

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